“When blue is all there is to be it could make you wonder why. But why wonder, why wonder? I am blue and it’ll do fine, it’s beautiful and I think it’s what I want to be.”

When NASA took the first photo of the earth from space in 1972 it was aptly named “The Blue Marble”.  After all, we live on a blue planet, a water planet. It’s the only planet we know of in the universe that has liquid water.  And this is what makes our home so special.  Because without water, there can be no life.  There is no green without the blue.  And this is why my personal and business focus is centered around this very color.

The sad truth is that we have not been good custodians to the blue parts of our planet.  Our oceans and waterways are choking on billions of tons of plastics, most of which were used once and discarded, such as a straw you used at a restaurant, or the packaging from a bag of chips.  These single-use plastics are made to make our life more convenient, however the long-term impact of this convenience is quite literally killing the very thing we need most for survival.

I started United By Blue (UBB) because I love water, more specifically, I love life. Using United By Blue as a vehicle for restoring the blue parts of our planet is one of the many things that I hope to accomplish with my time here on earth.  I believe in unorthodox business models, and that is why we associate every business transaction with a concrete environmental action.  That is, for every product sold, UBB removes 1 pound of trash from our world’s oceans and waterways through company organized cleanups.

Whether or not United By Blue is what I do forever, one thing is for certain. Whatever I do, it will revolve around blue.  After all, we need to protect, preserve, and restore our blue planet if we are going to continue living here.

This website is where I occasionally write on the trials and tribulations of starting and growing United By Blue, including insights into what I am doing well and what I have done wrong.  I once aspired to be a school teacher, but started a business instead. That being said, this website is my attempt to be a teacher of sorts, and help fellow entrepreneurs, or aspiring entrepreneurs, navigate the often treacherous waters of starting and running a responsible business.

Since beginning my entrepreneurial journey I have had the pleasure of building and working with a fabulous team. And because of their work I’ve been humbled to be named one of the nations best young entrepreneurs by BusinessWeek and one of the most innovative entrepreneurs by The Wall Street Journal. Read more on my About Page.

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